Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Reading: Black People And Their Place In World History

From before it was legal for Black folks to read,
to this historic cyber reading. 

We Have Overcome This Day!


Black history book available on Amazon

By: Dr. Leroy Vaughn
MD, MBA, Historian, Humanitarian and Honorary African Chief
Foreward by: Brad Pye, Jr.


“If they understood their history,
they wouldn’t act like that.”

A 3 Day Web Reading Adventure
of cyber performances uploaded to YouTube, 
broadcast in the book's published order


Dedicated to 

Dr. Leroy Vaughn
MD, MBA, Historian


Friday, Saturday, Sunday 
November 11-13, 2011
10 am - 2pm PST + 
4p-8 pm PST
Additional webeos played
2-4 p.m.


Simulcast Black People 
and Cyber Reading Stars 


Help humanity stop repeating
the unlearned mistakes 
of the past.

Increase book 
content's exposure

LIVE Broadcast and 
VISUAL Conversation
to help promote 
participating artists

Promote movie
and other ancillary
education venues,

in pre-production 
seeking backing...

Plenty of sweat 
equity invested, 
as per historic

Have a good time!!!
(sample reading)


Live broadcast of conversation and pre-recorded book sections from Youtube. 

Covering the book in 3 days, readings with linking conversations and Bibliography's books available through Amazon's Associate Program. 

Artist keep link commissions over their readings, which then becomes another artist demo for their video portfolio.

Selected you tube videos of material.

Invite via social media, email...
Offer free training to help folks get their web video on.
Uploads due by November 5, 2011 for inclusion in broadcast.

Coordinated and presented by J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on since 1984 the Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original that uses computers and other technology to help people be free.  

The railroad is involved with this work since the inception of the book.  Prior to publication the work, the sub chapters began as five-minute history lessons at the end of weekly newscasts on KPFK radio.  Subsequently, the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper agreed to publish these history articles weekly in a section entitled "Our African Heritage.  A band of angels from Dr. Vaughn's family and friends did what had to be done to make sure his work, and the book is a step in the process, reaches the people who need it.  "They would not be acting like that if they understood their history."  Dr. Vaughn's history lessons are full of truth and understanding. 

Part of the broadcast conversation from the Live Discussion Room is featured between readings. Because the most if not all of the material is pre recorded, it gives participants the luxury of replay. There is a lot of heart touching material so reactions may be strong, as many have been.

To get the webeos (web videos) for air, artists are encourage to set up and run their own Youtube channels. The railroad is helping them achieve that with future how to blog entries. Readings harvested from webeos are then cross posted on Youtube's BPATPIWH channel. 

From Nov. 5th to the 11th is the time to finalize webeo scheduling and determine if any live readings are needed to fill in the blanks.

Blog Postings for project updates:

RSVP book email address for invitations to attend:  bpatpiwh # gmail . com

For more information contact: 
J. Nayer Hardin bpatpiwh # gmail . com 

Please post your comments or interests below.  Thanks.

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